About This Blog

Hello. My name is Elise, and I am a survivor of childhood sexual abuse and adolescent sexual assault.

This blog is for all those like me, who know people like me or who have children like me that want to not only unveil the dirty, little secret that has been kept under wraps for far too long, but also want to help those that are suffering to stop suffering, and those that did suffer to survive and find hope for a future without the baggage sexual abuse leaves.

This blog will not only tell my story, but it will tell the story of others that have and do suffer. It will tell our secrets not for the sake of story-telling, but for the sake of sanity. Sexual abuse demeans, belittles, and takes away self-esteem. Hopefully telling our stories will help us to help each other and bring to others the courage to tell their stories. Telling the ‘secret’ is the beginning of gaining power over the abuse and the abuser. It is the first step in self-empowerment! So, why not take that difficult first step together?

In addition to the unveiling of secrets, this blog will provide help, support, and encouragement to all. It doesn’t matter your station in life…if you’ve been affected by sexual abuse to you or a loved one, you will benefit from this blog! That, I guarantee!

So, let’s get started and tell some secrets!

  1. David Kusi says:

    That’s a nice blog, I really like the way you typed it and everything. You have very deep words.

    • elisemphillips says:

      Thank you, David. I appreciate the compliment. Fortunately (or unfortunately…depending on your perspective), I think very deeply about things. I write what I think, so I’m just glad you enjoyed it. Please pass it on to others who may benefit from my experiences. Thanks again! ~Elise

  2. I think you will be really interested in this children’s book Some Secrets Should Never Be Kept http://www.somesecrets.info There is aYoutube reading of the book. The more we have voices like yours to speak out, the more parents and teachers will educate kids on sexual abuse prevention education. Well done!

    • elisemphillips says:

      Thank you so much, Ms. Sanders. I looked at your link and viewed the You Tube video. I have written a special post about Sir Alfred. 🙂 Thank you for helping to support the cause! Let’s heal together! ~Elise

  3. Elise, Thank YOU so much for your incredibly brave voice! We WILL all make a difference. And I personally will not rest until all children have knowledge to protect themselves in the case of abuse, so they do not have to endure what you did. xx

  4. Tony 'madpony' Grewcock says:

    I think you are so brave,honest & courageous I feel nothing but love & respect for you for writing this. One of the most high profile people to appear on TV in the UK has been exposed as a seductive groomer recently. The more good people stand up & speak out regarding the disgusting intentions of child abusers,the better. This comment is dedicated to The knight of the realm. (SIR) Jimmy Saville (RIP) Serial indecent rapist & rapist in private.
    All my love today Elise. You take care, Tony X

    • elisemphillips says:

      Thank you so much for your comment and compliments. I appreciate your candor. It’s not just people like me, but people like you that not only read the blog but tell others about it. It’s not enough for me to just write about it. 🙂 Thank you, again. And, my story isn’t over…this was just the beginning. More to come soon!

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